Since you can no longer delete items in Partial Purchase Order and there is no way to complete the Purchase Order without receiving the items, you may adjust or delete items in Partial Purchase Order.

To change or adjust Item Quantity in Partial Purchase Order, 

  1. Select the Partial Purchase Order.
  2. Receive those items then, post the Goods Received.
  3. Click the Amend button in the Goods Received form and set the Received Quantity to 0. Save and Post. In this way, it will reverse the received items.
  4. Go back to the affected Purchase Order. Click Complete Orders. The partial Purchase Order status should now be completed.

To delete Item lines in Partial Purchase Order,

This only applies for items that do not have partial quantity received in the Purchase Order

  1. Select the Partial Purchase Order.
  2. Received the item and put 0 for quantity. When prompted to update Purchase Order, select Yes. This will complete the Purchase Order and the item line will be deleted in the Purchase Order,

Applicable Products:

Connected Business 13 

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