How to Turn On Inventory Fractional Quantity

Note: We have tested this feature. However, it is an "undocumented" unsupported feature that is only available by making a change into the SQL server tables. Selling fractional quantities, especially under LIFO / FIFO, can easily lead to the cost of goods sold rounding problems that can keep the journals from posting. You are welcome to report issues, but we can’t promise when, or if, an issue will be fixed. We HIGHLY recommend that you stock items in your lowest unit of measure and then create the appropriate selling and purchasing units of measure.

Synopsis: How to turn On inventory fractional quantity in Interprise Suite 6


To allow fractional quantities, you need to go into the IsAllowFractional field of the InventoryPreference table through SQL Management Studio. Then, change it from false to true. Once this is done, the stock quantities will be allowed to have fractional quantities. This works on the web as well.

update InventoryPreference set IsAllowFractional = 1



Inteprise Suite 6.0 and higher

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