The Import Wizard only accepts or import Stock Items. 


The script will only work if are no transactions created yet on the Items. To change the Stock Item Type to Non-Stock Item Type, see the steps below. 

1. Go to System Manager > Tools > Import Wizard. Import all your Inventory Items.

2. Back up your database.

3. Open the SQL Server Management Studio and run the script


UPDATE InventoryItem

SET ItemType = 'Non-Stock',



EXEC GenerateInventoryStockTotal 'admin'


Note: This will update all the items in the inventory module. If you have specific items that you need to change the item type, you need to use the “Where” clause. 

Disclaimer: We, the Interprise Solutions Team are not liable to any data loss in case the script is implemented in the database with transactions to the items.


Applicable Products:

All Interprise Suite versions

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