Price Lists offers the greatest amount of flexibility by allowing you to set up an unlimited number of price lists per currency. Price lists support quantity discount schedules and can be set by units of measure.


Set Up Inventory Price Lists


  1. Select Price List under the Pricing Options menu of the Inventory module. The Price List form will display.
  2. Enter a short description of the price list in the Price Level field. Enter the full description in the Description field.
  3. Select the currency for the price list in the Currency field.
  4. In the Item Name column pulldown, select the items to set up the price lists.
  5. To set up a quantity price break for each unit measure, click on the Node button beside the Item Name column.
  6. Specify the minimum and maximum quantity per price break in the Min and Max columns. Or, you  can use the Generate Price Break option to set up the quantity price breaks. To do this, right-click on the line item and select Generate Price Breaks. The Price List pop up window appears. Specify the Price Break Interval and No. of Price Breaks. Click OK to replace the existing price breaks and populate the grid with the new quantity price break.
  7. You may specify a different Pricing Method per price break.
  8. You may enter a Discount Percent per quantity price break.
  9. You can directly put in the Unit Price for the items within the price break.
  10. Save the details before closing the Price List form.

How To:

Copy existing Price Lists


  1. From the Price List setup form, click on the Copy Price List option. The Copy Price List window will be displayed.
  2. Select from the list of existing price lists to copy.


Create an Excel File Template


  1. From the Price List setup form, click on the Create Excel Template button to display the Microsoft Excel application.
  2. The columns in the excel spreadsheet are labeled with the detail that you need to supply. 

Import Price List

From the Price List form, click on the Import List option to import the price list (Excel file) into the new price list setup.


Export Price List

From the Price List setup form, click on the Export Price List option to export the price list information into an Excel file.


Insert Price Breaks


  1. From the Price List tab of the Item detail form, right-click on a price break to insert a new price break and select Insert Price Break. The Insert Price Break pop up window will display.
  2. Specify the Min and Max values for each price break. Note that these values should be lower than the value of the price break where it will be inserted.
  3. Click OK to insert the price breaks.
  4. Generate More Price Breaks
  5. From the Price List setup form, right-click on the last price break from the list and select Generate Price Breaks. The Generate Price Break pop up window will display.
  6. Specify the Price Break Interval and No. of Price Breaks.
  7. Click OK to apply. Note that the current price break setup will be overwritten with the new price breaks.


Delete Price Breaks


To delete a price break, right-click on the price break from the price list and select Delete to delete the selected price break or Delete All to remove all price breaks.


Delete Price List

Note that a price list that has not been assigned to any customer can be deleted.


  1. Select Price List in the Pricing Options menu of the Inventory Module. The Price List setup form will display.
  2. Select the price list on the list to go to the Details tab.
  3. Click on the Delete option in the toolbar menu.
  4. Choose Yes in the prompt to delete.


Applicable Products:

All Interprise Suite Versions



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