Real-Time Shipping is the charging of actual shipping cost from the shipping carrier to the customer for the services used in delivering the products. Currently, the supported shipping carriers in Connected Business are as follows:

  • FedEx (Federal Express)
  • UPS (United Parcel Service)
  • USPS (United States Postal Service)

The shipping charge will be based on the live rates set by the carrier for the shipping services used. These rates can be obtained in real-time which means that the actual rates are given come directly from the shipping carrier's database.

Sign-Up for a Shipping Carrier Account

To use Real-Time Shipping, you need to set up an account with the Shipping Carrier. Refer to the following links on how to set up an account for each Shipping Carrier supported in Connected Business.

  • For UPS, click here.
  • For USPS, click here.
  • For FedEx, click here.

Set Up Carrier Account Plugin

After obtaining an account with the Shipping Carrier, you will be provided with the data needed to set up the carrier account plugin in the application. Once the Carrier Plugin is set up, you can now get live rates for the Shipping Services provided by each carrier.

To know more about, how you can set up the carrier plugin for each Shipping Carrier, refer to Carrier Setup.

After setting up the Carrier Plugin for the Shipping Carrier, you can now assign Real-Time Shipping to the Shipping Methods used in your business. To assign Real-Time Shipping,

  1. Go to Shipping module > Setup > Shipping > Shipping Method. The Shipping Method form will be displayed with the list of existing Shipping Methods in the system.
  2. Select the Shipping Method you want to use Real-Time Shipping. Click the Details tab to view the Shipping Method details.
  3. Click the Carrier Detail tab and select the location where you want to use Real-Time Shipping.

In the Shipping Method Option section, specify the details for the following fields.

  • Carrier
  • Service Type
  • Packaging Type
  • Billing Type
  • Address Type (Both, Residential, Commercial)
For the shipping options to be visible on the website, make sure that the Real-Time Shipping Address type of the Shipping Method for the selected carrier should be the same as the address type of the customer. It is recommended to set the address type to “Both” so that the Shipping Options will be visible to all customers regardless of the address type.
4. In the Calculation Options section, tick the option Use Real-Time Freight Charge. You can also set an amount to be added to the shipping rate as additional charges in the Miscellaneous Charge field.
5. Click Save and Close to apply changes.

Applicable Versions: 
Connected Business 13 and Connected Business 14
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