System will not open the Shipment Form for a Sales Order and will prompt an error message: "Default Carrier not found. It’s either the default carrier is not specified correctly or the carrier plugin is not yet registered"


If Default.Carrier shipping configuration is set to a specific carrier e.g. FedEx, the above message will display if there is no warehouse setup on the Carrier account specified.



Here are the steps on how to set up a Carrier Account in each warehouse


1. Go to Shipping Module > Setup > Carrier Plugin

2. Double-click the Carrier Plugin e.g. FedEx from the list

3. In the Multi-Location section, click the Warehouse that you want to set

4. Fill in the details of the Carrier account in the Carrier Account Info


5. Save

6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for other warehouses.


Applicable Products:

All Connected Business Versions

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