How to Set Up Affiliates or Sales Representatives

Sales Reps or Affiliates are very essential entities to market one’s business on the internet.  Through such, a certain online store is able to establish its presence on the internet as well as gain more grounds for business opportunities.

The following discussions summarize how this setup is done.

  1. Setup the Affiliate/Sales Rep Entity in the Store.

    1. From the Customer Module> Sales > New Sales Rep.

    2. This will open the New Sales Rep wizard wherein the new Sales Rep entity to create in the store is configured.  Provide the details for this new Sales Rep entity.

    3. Click the Next button to proceed with this setting.

    4. The next window further requires the specific details for this supplier entity. After supplying the necessary details for this click the Finish button.

  2. Provide the URL to access your web store in the Affiliate’s/Sales Rep’s site.

    1. From the Customer Module > Sales > Find Sales Rep.

    2. From the list of Sales Reps (Affiliate) shown, select the one to provide the link to your site with.

      Note: If the generated Sales Rep code is REP-000001, then the URL to pass to the Sales Rep to access your store should be the following:

    3. Take note of its Sales Rep Group Code and add this to the current web store URL using this format:



  3. Tie a Sales Rep and Contact Information to a Sales Order

    1. Upon placement of order from the webstore (accessed through the URL with the Sales Group Rep Code line attached), a receipt will show the product order information.

      From here we can check through the Connected Business application if the sales order is attached as a Sales Rep information to the Sales Rep entry, and in the Sales Rep information if the Sales Order is logged.

    2. From the Customer Module > Order > Find Sales Order.

      Select from the list the Sales Order you made from the webstore, either by checking the Customer PO column if the entry is logged as a Web Order, or by cross-checking the online receipt's sales order with the sales order codes from the Document Code column.

    3. This will display the Sales Order form. From the Sales Rep tab, the Sales Rep Group and the Contact fields will be displayed. These are the information of the Sales Rep from the modified webstore URL we listed above.

      The item ordered will also be displayed in the Inventory tab inside the Sales Rep tab. The information listed under the tab refers to the item purchased from the webstore using the modified URL for the Sales Rep.

    4. Click Save and Close to save your inputs.

    5. Now we will check the Sales Rep information if the Sales Order we have made from the webstore was logged in. From the Customer Module > Sales >Find Sales Rep. Find the sales rep that the sales order was tagged in.

    6. From the General tab of the Sales Rep form, you will see from the Recent History section the sales orders tied to the Sales Rep information.

    7. Modify existing details and/or add more information in the form according to your preference and Save and Close to apply your inputs


Applicable Versions:

All Connected Business Versions

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