“12507 The Certified Intermediary Pass Phrase is Incorrect. Error encountered. (Log ID: 48792)” When Tried to Generate a Live Label For Endicia


“12507 The Certified Intermediary pass phrase is Incorrect. Error encountered. (Log ID: 48792)” will prompt when tried to generate a live label for Endicia



The PassPhrase of the account has been changed or the wrong passphrase has been entered on the password field of the USPS/Endicia Carrier Plugin.

Please note that PassPhrase is not your "internet password". "internet password" is only needed to review your account at https://www.dymoendicia.com/login.



A. Enter account number and pass-phrase with the same spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and spacing on USPS Carrier Plugin Form.

B. If the pass-phrase is forgotten; contact Endicia Customer Service or generate a temporary pass-phrase on this link http://www.endicia.com/support/forgot-passphrase

Once done, follow the steps by steps instruction below to change the temporary pass-phrase using CB Endicia Buy Postage Wizard Form.

 1. Go to Shipping Module > Setup > Endicia Buy Postage.

2. Click the Next button to view the Endicia Account Section.

3. Enter your account number and temporary pass-phrase. Then click the Change Pass Phrase Button.

4. You can now enter a new pass-phrase in the appropriate boxes and click Ok

5. If successful, you should be re-connected to your Endicia Account with your new pass-phrase.


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