“12507 The Certified Intermediary pass phrase is Incorrect. Error encountered. (Log ID: 48792)” will prompt when trying to generate a live label for Endicia



The PassPhrase of the account has been changed or the wrong passphrase has been entered on the password field of the USPS/Endicia Carrier Plugin.

Please note that PassPhrase is not your "internet password". "internet password" is only needed to review your account at



A. Enter the account number and passphrase with the same spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and spacing on the USPS Carrier Plugin Form.

B. If the pass-phrase is forgotten; contact Endicia Customer Service or generate a temporary pass-phrase on this link

Once done, follow the step-by-step instructions below to change the temporary pass phrase using the CB Endicia Buy Postage Wizard Form.

 1. Go to Shipping Module > Setup > Endicia Buy Postage.

2. Click the Next button to view the Endicia Account Section.

3. Enter your account number and temporary passphrase. Then click the Change Pass Phrase Button.

4. You can now enter a new pass-phrase in the appropriate boxes and click Ok

5. If successful, you should be re-connected to your Endicia Account with your new pass-phrase.


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