How to connect to the database using LAN connection only?


  1. In the Sign In page, the default configuration is displayed. You may switch to another database to connect to by selecting the company name in the Configuration field pulldown.
  2. Open the Configuration Tool (Press F2). You may configure the application to connect through LAN.
  3. You will find the default configuration created for your new company. You may rename the configuration as you like.
  4. Set the Connection Protocol to LAN.
  5. Click on the ellipsis button in the Company Database to display the Database Connection form. Then, Test the connections before clicking Ok to close.

NOTES: If the database server was installed on the local computer, the default configuration would look like the one below. Default login authentication depends on the authentication set in the installation. Test the connection before clicking Ok to close.

Local Connection

If the database server is installed in a server that you can connect to in the local area network, the default configuration would look like the one below.

Remote Connection

6. Click Save to retain the database connection settings. Your settings are saved into a configuration file, InterpriseSuite.exe.config which you can import and apply to newly installed systems to get them up and running quickly.

7. You may now sign in to Interprise Suite.


Applicable Products

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