After setting up all the products and configurations inside the Interprise Suite client application, you must set up your Shopping Cart to accept live transactions.



1. Obtain an SSL Certificate. Setup and Install This Certificate In The Server. 

2. Open the Application Configuration Parameters window by going to Utilities > Setup of the eCommerce module then double click the Application Configuration option. 

3. Set the following AppConfig parameters as given here:  

  • UseSSL = true. This invokes the SSL security to work on the website and thereby make the store site to run in secured internet protocol (https). 
  • RedirectLiveToWWWtrue. Set this to True if the SSL Certificate is on Otherwise, set this to False.
  • LiveServer = <site’s domain name>. This specifies the domain of the live site being created. Just indicate the specification here. (e.g.
  • UseLiveTransactions AppConfig to true 


4. Enable the Payment Gateway to use in the Credit Card Gateway configuration window by going to Utilities >Setup and double-clicking the Credit Card Gateway option. 

5. Uncheck the default Test Mode checkbox. This sets the gateway to work in a live mode where actual credit card processing is made. 


Applicable Products:

Interprise Suite Full Product

Interprise Suite Small Business Ecommerce (ISBE)

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