How to Connect to the Hosted Database using Webservices?

*The web service URL, User name, and Password is already given.



1. Install the Interprise Suite client application.

  • The Installer can be downloaded on our website, log in using your account and password and click the Customer menu and select My Download.
  • The system requires you to install an SQL Server (you can install SQL server 2005 or 2008 express), if you don't have SQL Express installed in your work station, select the second option in the Installation wizard to install SQL express. 

2. Run the IS client after the Installation and create a new company setup. See the steps below.

  • Click on F2 or Configuration Tool

  • The Configuration Tool for Interprise Suite will pop up and click on the New button to create a New Company Setup
  • Change the Company Setup Name, the default name is Company Setting and change it to something like My Company Name
  • Change the Connection Protocol, click on the drop-down and select Internet Connection Only

  • Copy and Paste the Web service URL in the Business Service URL section.

  • Setup the Cache Database connection, double-click on the Cache Database connection hyperlink or click on the 3 ellipsis button.
  • The database connection form will show and provide your Local Server Name or SQL Instance Name, click on Test Connect and once succeded click Ok


3. Click on the Save and Close button to save the company settings.

4. Click on the dropdown beside F2 and select your Company Setup.

5. Provide the User name and Password and click Sign In


Applicable Products:

All Interprise Suite Versions

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