After upgrading to IS 5.6.19 version, The shipping module keeps freezing while processing shipment and force close the application.


Cause: Shipping DLLs on the installation folder did do not update properly during the upgrade.



1. Go to System ManagerTools > Plugin Manager > Custom Plugin tab.

2. In the Custom Plugin tab, look for these Shipping DLLs

  • Interprise.Shipping.CarrierGateway.Presentation.FedEx
  • Interprise.Shipping.CarrierGateway.Presentation.UPS
  • Interprise.Shipping.CarrierGateway.Presentation.USPS

3. Remove those DLLs in the database, right-click on the DLL and select Remove Plugin

4. Then, click Add Plugin button and select Plugin Assembly

5. The Add Plugin form will open and it will look for the location of the DLLs. Point to the Installation Folder and look for the DLLs below:

  • Interprise.Presentation.ShippingCarrier.FedEx.dll
  • Interprise.Presentation.ShippingCarrier.UPS.dll
  • Interprise.Presentation.ShippingCarrier.USPS.dll

6. After the registering, sign out and log in again.


Applicable products

Interprise Suite 5.6.19 

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