Synopsis: How to Set Up the Moneris Canada DirectPost?



1. Login to the Moneris Merchant Resource Center using your account username, store id, and Password in this link :

2. Once you have successfully logged in, click on the Admin menu item on the left. In the submenu, click on DirectPost Config

3. The Direct Post credentials will show. The ps_store_id is the Store ID and hpp_key is the Token.

4. Select the transaction type you preferred when processing a credit card payment.

Transaction Type: This defines what type of transaction will be processed.

  • PurchaseThe cardholder will be charged immediately and funds will be deposited next business day. This is used if your goods and services are shipped/provided within 24 hours.
  • PreAuthThe funds will be locked but will not be settled until a Capture is performed. The Capture will need to be performed via the Merchant Resource Centre. The Capture process is outlined in the Merchant Resource Centre Users Guide. PreAuth is used if the goods and services are not shipped/provided within 24 hours.

5. The Response Method value must be Displayed as key/value pairs on our server

Moneris Canada DirectPost

Response Method: This determines how the transaction response will be handled. 

6. Copy and paste the store ID and token in the Interprise Suite Client Customer module > Setup > Credit Card Gateway. Open the Moneris Canada DirectPost.


Applicable Products:

All Interprise Suite Versions


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