Connected Business Automatic updates

The Connected Business Automatic updates will allow users to keep connected business programs updated without having to check for and install available updates manually. Connected Business automatically checks for available updates, and if found, the updates will prompt and give you the option to download, download updates later or skip the version update.

Server Update:

  1. Open the Database Management Console (DBMC) and log in to your SQL server or instance name.
  2. Once you log in, a new version or update of Connected Business will pop up and will give you the option to update or skip the version.
  • Note: Please make sure that all users are logged out and the application is not loaded, also you may stop first the connected business email service, job service, or any service related to the connected business. Take note that if you have connected business e-commerce or website, you will also need to update the web folder after you upgrade/update the database.


     3. Select the "Update" button to start downloading the latest updates of the Connected Business Server.


     4. After downloading the updates, it will start the extraction of the update files.


    5. After extracting and deploying the updated files in your Connected Business Server folder, it will open the Database Management Console or DBMC. Log in to your SQL server or instance name.


    6. Select your database and hit upgrade.

  •  Note: Make sure to make a full backup of your database before upgrading.



   Client Update

   1. Run Connected Business Application/Client.

   2. Log in to your database and new available updates will popup, hit update to start downloading the client update files and it will perform a system update and restart the application.


  3. Login to your database 


Applicable Versions:

Connected Business 22 and higher

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