Setting Up Your Own Blog

Connected Business eCommerce now allows you to create and maintain your own blog in your webstore pages! Simply follow these steps to install blog to your site:

Setup Blog Engine Website:

  1. Go to CB Installation > CBEBlogEngine folder
  2. Unzip
  3. Locate the Web folder from the unzipped files and deploy to IIS

  4. Browse the blog engine website

  5. Navigate to blog engine admin (e.g. yourblogsite/admin)
  6. Login using username = "admin" and password = "admin"
  7. Change password

Hook up Blog Engine to CBE's blog page:

  1. Go to cbe web manager (
  2. Login with any valid account
  3. Click to Configuration > Settings
  4. Search "BlogEngine.Url"
  5. Set config value with deployed blog engine url e.g.
  6. Search "BlogEngine.Enabled"
  7. Set config value to "true"
  8. Go to CBE's blog page e.g. and view your blog in either default view or timeline view.
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