1. Go to https://g.co/recaptcha/v3 to register reCAPTCHA v3 keys

2. Enter Label e.g. “DemoStore1”

3. Select reCAPTCHA v3

4. Enter Domain Name e.g. “demostore1.com”

5. Click Submit

6. Inside the Connected Business application, go to eCommerce > Setup > Application Configuration

7. Look for and copy Generated Site Key to GoogleRECAPTCHA.SiteKey

8. Then, also look for and copy Generated Secret Key to GoogleRECAPTCHA.SecretKey

9. Set GoogleRECAPTCHA.MinScore App Configuration value to “0.5”

10. Set GoogleRECAPTCHA.Enabled App Configuration value to “true”

11. Click Reset Web Cache

12. Check if reCAPTCHA is working.





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