How To Access QuickStart Setup Guide

QuickStart Setup was designed to guide you through the Connected Business setup process. Once Connected Business is installed, you may follow our default chart of accounts and configuration option, then, proceed with items tagged as Express to speed your setup. You may always go back and check these according to your preference after.


With the QuickStart setup, you may learn the process by watching several videos to assist you with. Here’s how to access our QuickStart Guide:


1. Log in to the application

2. Go to Help > QuickStart Setup.

3. Read the Welcome Note for reference. Once done, click Next.

4. Setup Overview page will be displayed. In each menu, click Learn to view the video to guide with the process.

5. Once done, click Done to proceed with the step. Repeat steps till the last page. You can always click on the menu on the right panel to double-check details.


You may check this video for further details:



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