How to Create New Company in Ted Business

Once TED Business is successfully installed, you can access two databases -  Demo Company US and My Company US. Demo Company US is our demo environment for you to explore and My Company US is a blank database readily created for you to fill in with your company information.


On the instance that you still would like to create your new database, please be guided with the following steps:

 1. To create your new company, log in to any of the databases. Then, access the New Company Wizard from the System Manager Module > Company > Company Checklist.

2. The New Company Checklist Wizard will be displayed.

3. From the Company Checklist Wizard, you may add, edit, and import data according to set up category. You may input more details about your company. You can always edit this after.

4. The Company Checklist Wizard also lets you input information and configuration for the Accounting, Banking, Customer, Supplier, Inventory, and CRM Modules

5. When exiting the Company Checklist Wizard, select the Finish option to keep the changes and new additions.

6. Once done, the Connected Business Licensing Manager will prompt for you to only register your information.

7. Enter the company information you previously entered in the Company Checklist Wizard. Skip the License Keys (Serial Number and Confirmation Code) as this is auto-filled for you to proceed.

8. Once done, you may now log in to your new company.

You may check this video for further reference:

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