Running Connected Business Prompts 'Access to the path 'C:\ProgramData\ConnectedBusiness\ConnectedBusiness.exe.config' is denied. Please contact your administrator


Double-clicking the application will prompt 'Access to the path 'C:\ProgramData\ConnectedBusiness\ConnectedBusiness.exe.config' is denied. Please contact your administrator' error.' This is because the system requires full administrator access to log in the application.

This will happen if at the time the program was installed, it was using an elevated Administrator account. When our application is run with an admin account, all files (like the ConnectedBusiness.exe.config, etc.) will be owned by the admin account. When a non-admin account runs CB, Windows will not give permission to the non-admin account to gain write access to those files that belong to the admin account, to begin with. Therefore, the solution is to log in as a non-admin account and delete all files previously created by the admin account and let the non-admin account create its own files via running CB.

Workaround Solution:

1. Log in to the computer using the account that is non-administrator. The one causing the issue.
2. Open windows explorer and go to C:\ProgramData\Connected Business\<version>\Connected Business Client or Server
2. Delete folder/data on your Connected Business version
3. Go back the client application and user should be able to log in to the application even without full administrator access

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