How Do I Fix The Errors That Show Up During Label Creation?

1. While creating shipping labels in a batch, you may encounter error messages on certain shipments.

USPS error

In the example, the error message says USPS error 3021: ‘Unable to validate Ship To address. Dial-A-Zip error: Address not found. Error encountered (Log ID: 34654)

This error says that the Ship-To address is invalid. So, in this specific case, you should edit the Ship-To address of this order and retry creating a shipping label. A great tool for this is USPS “Lookup a Zipcode”. This can help you find the valid address recognized by USPS and fix the error.

2. For international shipment the most common errors result from:

  • Selecting non-applicable features such as ‘delivery confirmation’. Please ensure this box is not checked.
  • Invalid Zipcode.
  • Invalid shipping class. Do not select domestic services for international shipments.

Applicable Products:

All Connected Business Version

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