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Uploading Product Image on the Webstore through Web Manager

Giving Connected Business User Access to Web Manager

Any Connected Business user may access the Web Manager site as long as they were given access through the User Account tab in the Webstore window. Also, note that the Admin Site URL, Username, and Password are case sensitive.

1. Go to eCommerce >  Webstore Form > Switch to the User Accounts tab
2. Check the tickbox of the User Code that you want to give access to. Click Save. Reset Web Cache.

Uploading Product Image on the Webstore through Web Manager

1. Go to your Web Manager. To do that, browse your webstore and type in /webmanager at the end of your webstore URL. e.g. http://localhost/CBE_18_1/webmanager
2. Once in Web Manager Login page loads, enter your credentials in the username and password fields: 

  • Username: [name of the Connected Business user]
  • Password: [Connected Business password]

3. Then, click the Log In button
4. The Connected Business Web Manager Home page will be displayed. Go to the Product Manager Products. This opens up to a page which shows the list of your items

5. On Top of the Products page, there are options to Show Items Without Images, select the Category through the dropdown and search for an item in the Search Field

6. Click on the item you want to upload an image. After, you will be directed to the Product Info page which includes the basic details about your product.

7. Go to Images tab. click the Upload new image button and then browse for the image file to upload.

8. Once selected, it will create corresponding images for Large, Medium, Icon and Minicart options. By clicking on the dropdown menu of delete and change image button, you also have the option to either delete or change the images per size.

9. Once done with the upload, make sure to Save Changes in the upper right corner of the page.

10. You may now go to your webstore and check the item.

You may also check this video on Product - Change Image https://vimeo.com/211643612

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