1. Go to connectedbusiness.com. You may either sign up through the Banner slider or go to Products > Free Community Edition. Indicate your Name, Last Name, Email Address, Company Name, Country, and the Solution You Are Currently Using.

2. After clicking Submit, go to your email to access the installers.

3. Upon clicking the links, you should be able to download both Server and Client installers. There are two methods for installing the application: 1) You may install both the server and the client components on one computer or 2) install the server components on one computer and the client components on each work station.

4. Run the installer as an administrator

5. Before installation can proceed, the installer will detect missing components that the application will need in order to run properly. When it does, simply click Next to let the installer download and install these components first. Make sure you are connected to the internet

6. You can either read or copy and save the License Agreement. Scroll down to end of the document to accept and proceed.

7. If installing a client component, you may proceed accordingly. If installing server components, select all components. On the server machine, the databases, website, various web services, and other components are installed

8. Select where to download the installation files. Click Browse to specify the location. By default, this is set to the same folder where the installer is stored

9. Choose to connect to the SQL Server or install this application if you have yet not installed it previously. The SQL Server is used primarily to store the Connected Business databases and retrieve data

10. If you do not know how to install SQL Server separately, you can let the installer download and install this component for you. To do this, you may choose the second option, and install the SQL Server application.

11. You may now connect to your SQL Server instance. Choose an authentication method to use in connecting. We recommend using SQL Server Authentication. Then, provide the user and password accordingly.

12. Proceed with the installation. The installer will download, extract, and install the application.

13. After a few minutes, you'll reach the last page of the Installation Wizard. You may now run the application

14. A connection setting for the demo database is created allowing you to log in to Connected Business and use a test database. This applies only to the machine where the database was created

15. You may now sign in with the default admin user name and password

16. You may now navigate through the different modules by clicking on the tab. Subsequently, you can now proceed with creating the company database.

Check the links below for more Installation and Setup videos:



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