Supported Credit Card Swipers

Connected Business POS (Web-Based Application), the supported card reader is MagTech Encrypted Card Reader.

CB Client (Connected Business Desktop Application)

For unencrypted swipe card transactions, use only Magshell 900 Magnetic Stripe Reader from Card Scanning Solutions.

For encrypted swipe card transactions, use a card reader for Keyboard emulation mode. You may contact TransNational to order this device.

 Starting with CB 15,  we allow USB Card Swiper. You can set that under Banking >Setup > Credit Card Gateway > then, select the dropdown in the Card Reader Port column

For both web-based and desktop applications, you may also use TransNational EMV Reader. To order this device, you may contact TransNational 

  • Merchant Services — Sales: (888) 998-6224 |
  • Merchant Account — Support:888) 998-6224 |


Supported Versions:

Connected Business 14 and higher

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