For the unencrypted ERP credit card swipe feature, we only support the MagShell®900 Magnetic Stripe Reader from Card Scanning Solutions:



The ERP client credit card swipe (unencrypted) was mainly designed for the MagShell®900 devices only. The MagShell®900 and other USB plug-and-play scanners return with a different format which is primarily the delimiter used in some of the important data from the card. Usually, the USB plug-and-play scanner uses a slash ("/") as a delimiter in the credit card name while the MagShell®900 uses a caret ("^"). With this, the parsing of data will be different.

Every credit card scanner has different implementations. On the other hand, The Magshell900 scanner is not a plug-and-play. It listens and reads data from the COM port where the scanner is connected. It is how the unencrypted swipe credit card in our ERP client was implemented.

Applicable Products:

Connected Business 13

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