For the unencrypted ERP credit card swipe feature, we only support the MagShell®900 Magnetic Stripe Reader from Card Scanning Solutions:



The ERP client credit card swipe (unencrypted) was mainly designed for the MagShell®900 devices only. The MagShell®900 and other USB plug and play scanner return with a different format which is primarily the delimiter used in some of the important data from the card. Usually, the USB plug and play scanner use a slash ("/") as a delimiter in the credit card name while the MagShell®900 uses a caret ("^"). With this, the parsing of data will be different.

Every credit card scanner has different implementations. On the other hand, The Magshell900 scanner is not a plug and play. It listens and reads data from the COM port where the scanner is connected. It is how the unencrypted swipe credit card in our ERP client was implemented.

Applicable Products:

Connected Business 13

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