Release Notes for Connected Business 16

Connected Business Version 16

New “Cloud Only” Features
- New! Connected Business Launchpad.

System-Wide Enhancements
- New! Auto-update engine.
- New! Database Cleanup options to automatically reduce database size
- New! Send only email option to reduce database size
- New! Support for Beanstream Gateway
- Improved! Desktop installer.
- Updated! U.S. & Canada Postal Code Tables and U.S. Sales Tax Data.
- Various performance enhancements

eCommerce Enhancements
- New! “Drag and Drop” Content Creator
- Improved! Redesigned Web Admin section
- Improved! Greater Bootstrap Compatibility
- Improved! Category page performance
- Improved! Google Analytics support for checkout pages
- Pull out major App Config items into Web Admin for easier access
- Improved! Checkout Process
- Improved! Sign In Page
- Improved! Collapse Attribute Filter Values when more than 5
- Improved! Gift Registry Redesigned
- Improved! If no POS is set for pick up store it will not show in eCommerce
- Improved! Add Item and Reason fields in Customer Support Page
- Improved! Added Custom ScrollBar for MiniCart
- Various bug fixes

- New! Download products from your Amazon Store
- New! Amazon Inventory Stock Level Update
- New! Send Shipment Tracking Numbers to Amazon
- Improved! Support for duplicate products on your Amazon store
- Various bug fixes

Customer / CRM
- New! Recent Sales Search Tab in Orders
- Improved! Capture Credit Card Payment In Sales Order
- Improved! Freight Calculation Options
- Various bug fixes/usability improvements

- Improved! Additional Inventory Location Setup Field (Store Number)
- Added First Selling Date Field

- Improved! Partially Received Purchase Order Enhancement
- Improved! "Supplier Payment - Popup a message before saving the payment when you
switch to allocate tab"

Connected Warehouse
- Improved! Add Auto Post Setting in Transfer Transaction of Connected Warehouse
- Improved! Add Auto Post Setting in Adjustment Transaction of Connected Warehouse

Pick Enhancement
- Improved! "Enhanced Freight Rate Calculation - Connected Warehouse - Packaging
base on the item shipping method"

Point of Sale
- New! POS Support for Interprise Gateway multiple merchant accounts
- New! POS Support for Sales Rep list and assign commission
- Improved! Faster Performance When Printing Receipts
- Improved! POS Layout Changes

Banking / Accounting
- New! Trial Balance Layout
- New! Various reports added based on CPA recommendations
- New! Preference for Accounting Financial Center / Financial Reports

- New! ZPL support for USPS/Endicia
- New! ZPL support for FedEx
- New! Ability to configure Reference fields on shipping label
- New! Support Signature Required options with FedEx
- New! USPS Shipping Label with Separate Receipt.
- Improved! Added notification of remaining items before completing shipment
- Improved! Implemented Weighing Scale Decimal Shift
- Improved! Blind Drop Ship enhancement to hide Ship From User Name and Ship To
Contact Name
- Improved! Support published rate with FedEx on Freight Quote
- Improved! Use Residential as default address type if blank when doing freight quote.
- Various bug fixes

Report Center
- Improved! Consistently save new or copied report
- Improved! Placing custom reports under new folder
- Improved! Formatting of amounts in supplier check stub report
- Improved! Print only default report with silent printing.
- Improved! Reduced lag when editing an email template with an image.
- Improved! Print button on Sales Order and Invoice forms print report directly.
- Improved! Invoice report show the logo of corresponding website.

Email Manager
- New! Time / Date for sending/receiving email.
- New! Prioritize sending an email of High priority.

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