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How To Create Request for Quote Orders On The Webstore

Synopsis: How To Create Request for Quote Orders On The Webstore


  1. Open the client application and log in using your account.
  2. Go to the Banking > Setup > Payment Term
  3. In the Payment Term form, click the New icon.
  4. Enter the text ‘REQUEST QUOTE’ to the Payment Term and Description fields. Also indicate the Payment Type that will be used for this new payment term. Reminder: Be sure to accurately enter the ‘REQUEST QUOTE’ text as you see it. Otherwise, this setting will not work
  5. After entering these, click the Save and Close button to save and create this new payment term. This now creates this new order scheme in the store.
  6. Open Payment Term Group. Go to Banking > Setup > Payment > Group
  7. In the list on the left, the REQUEST QUOTE Payment Term is now available.
  8. To include this new Payment Term, select and click the shift right (>) button to transfer this to the Selected Payment Term
  9. Click the Save and Close button to update the changes
  10. To test the Payment Term, login to the Shopping Cart. Add an item then proceed to checkout.
  11. After selecting the Shipping Method to use for the orders (just select any of these to continue with the process), the Payment Info page will be shown. This now includes the previously created REQUEST QUOTE payment term. Select this option. Then, click on the Continue Checkout.
  12. On the summary page of the Sales Order process, you see the message REQUEST FOR QUOTE RECEIVED is displayed. This order will be listed in the Customer > Quote > Find Quote/Proforma.

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