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Orbital Gateway Information

These are the list of general information that Orbital Gateway customers should know.

1. Your external IP address must be set up in Orbital's system so that you will be allowed to access it.  It is important that you remember your Web Server address as well as the external address of the client, which must be added to their system.  You can contact their support at 866-645-1314.
2. The Merchant ID in the Credit Card Gateway setup is not used, instead, they use their group ID number.
3. For the Bank ID, they use a static "000002" or "000001" to indicate which system you are using on their end. Get this information from their Support.
4. Test Mode does not work.  You must contact Orbital to ask for a test mode set up, which they use for the certification process.
5. The terminal ID is 001.

Applicable Products:
All Interprise Suite Versions

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