How To Change The Default Skin In The Shopping Cart

Synopsis: How to change the Website’s Default Skin to point to your own skin folder.


  1. Copy and paste your skin folder in the Skins folder inside the Web folder. e.g. Web\skins
  2. Make sure the name of your skin folder is correct and is following the naming skin convention of our eCommerce. e.g. skin_1 =  for skin1, skin_2 = for skin2
  3. Login to Connected Business or Interprise Suite Client Application.
  4. Go to eCommerce > Setup > Application Configuration. Search for the keyword DefaultSkinID and change the value to skin # you want your website to use. e.g. 1 = skin_1 and 2 = skin_2

If you just want to preview the skins and see how it looks, you can follow 1 and 2. Then, type the link of your website followed by the skinID.

For example:

  • To preview skin #1:
  • To preview skin #2:


Applicable Products:

Interprise Suite eCommerce  and Connected Business eCommerce

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