How to Set Up "No Payment Required" Payment Term



eCommerce Plus has its own set of pre-defined payment terms. It will depend on the option of the user whether to use it or create a new one. 

The following discussion gives details on how a new payment term is created in the system.

1. Go to the System Manager > Setup > PaymentPayment Term 

2. On the Payment Term, click the New option


3. In the Payment Term form create a new payment term for a no-payment-required preference.  Set the Term Days to 0. Choose any Payment Type as long as there is a value for this. Click the Save and Close.

Take note that the Active checkbox should be enabled (checked) for this Shipping Method to be accessible.


4. Next, go to the eCommerce > Setup > Application Configuration >  On the Search textbox enter the keyword “required” then click the Go button to display the list of the AppConfig parameters wherein this keyword is found. 

5. Look for the PaymentTermCodeZeroDollarOrder AppConfig.


6. Set its value to the name of the recently created no payment required method (i.e. No Payment Required). Click the Save and Close button to finalize this setting.

7. After setting this, try accessing the store site again by refreshing the page (by clicking F5 or the Refresh icon). 

There are times when accessing a certain page after certain modifications are done, nothing seems to change.  In this case, try performing a Reset Web CacheIf this doesn’t work either, you could try executing an IISRESET command at the Command Prompt. Any of this should refresh the page.

Applicable Products:

Interprise Suite 6.0 and higher


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