How To Enable "Blind" Credits Or Direct Refund Using Interprise Gateway


When tried to process refund inside the application, this message is displayed in the Payment Form.

“Error Number: 1

Result: User 'Interprisetest' is not allowed to process credit transactions. REFID:3177306193

Status: User ' Interprisetest ' is not allowed to process credit transactions. REFID:3177306193”



1. Primary Gateway User will need to call Transnational and request to enable ‘Blind Credits’ feature

Transnational Bankcard, Llc

Phone: 1-847-655-1329

2. Log into the gateway portal. Go to Settings > User Accounts.

3. Click on the user you wish to allow access to ‘create new credits’.

4. Tick the boxes for the types of transactions you will be completing. Save.

5. Once access has been updated and saved, it will allow that user to create new ‘Blind Credits’


Important Note:

If you enabled this feature, it would literally allow customers potentially or employees to refund any dollar amount to any card. 


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