Logging in to the database prompts:  You are signed in on another computer. Please log out of the Computer "PC name" to continue.



This is happening when user did not properly sign out on from the specific machine. The system thinks that users are still tied up and logged in to that workstation. To force sign out the users,

  1. Open the DBMC or Interprise Database Management Console from Start > All Programs > Interprise Solutions >Interprise Suite > Tools.
  2. The Database Connection form will show up. Provide the Server Name, Login Authentication, Username and Password
  3. Select the Company database on the database list.
  4. Click on the User Login tab.
  5. Look for the specific User Account and click the Force Sign Out button. This will sign out the user code and will allow it to log in again



Applicable Products

All Interprise Suite version SP5.4 and above 

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