Upgrading Database

This option allows you to upgrade old version databases to the newer version. This can be used in upgrading the company databases as well as the demo databases (if the user did not choose to re-install the demo databases when upgrading to the newer version).

Before upgrading the database, make sure to back up the company database before running the upgrade utility. Back up and Restore capabilities will be added to the Database Management Console in future releases. For now, you can use Microsoft’s SQL Management Studio Express or Enterprise Manager for MS SQL Server 2008 (for SQL Server 2008 users) to backup your database.

Steps to upgrade the database,

  1. Sign in to the machine where the databases were installed. The Database Management Console Utility only connects locally that is why it should be run on the machine where the databases are installed.
    The databases that need to be upgraded are marked as “Ready for upgrade”.
  2. Select the database to upgrade and click on the Upgrade Database button on the toolbar menu. Alternately, you can use the right-click option and select the Upgrade Database. Use default values if you want to start working with Connected Business right away.
  3. If you encounter errors while upgrading the database, the most possible cause of the error would be on the licensing issue. If your license has already expired, contact our sales team. Every time you upgrade a database, you have to register the database by clicking on the Register Product button. Have your serial and confirmation number ready.
  4. A pop-up window will show advising you to create a backup for your database. Confirm that you have created a backup by ticking the checkbox "I have read and accepted the above." note and clicking Yes to proceed to with the upgrade.
  5. Once the upgrade starts, another pop-up window will appear showing the progress of the upgrade. A message prompt will appear after finishing the upgrade. The version number is then changed into the newer version of Connected Business.
  6. Sign in to the database from Connected Business to create the cache database. 
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