Resetting Database

This option allows you to roll back any changes made to the demo database to its original state when it was installed. All transactions and test data entered in the demo database are deleted permanently while preferences and customizations are set back to default.

You can only reset changes made to the model and demo database, not to the company database.

Steps to reset the database,

    1. Select the demo database to reset.
    2. Click on the Reset Database button (1) in the toolbar menu. Alternatively, you can click the Reset icon (2) in the Database Summary section.
    3. A message prompt will be displayed confirming to proceed with the reset. Click OK.
    4. A progress bar will be displayed indicating the percentage of the database being reset. You will be prompted once the reset is completed.

It is recommended to create your new company from scratch to have your company data as complete as possible before working with Connected Business. Please note that defining your company profile from scratch might take some time.

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