Database Migration Process from Hosted Server to your Own Dedicated Server

I. Request for Database Backup and Web Folder Copy

1. Go to Use the login credentials given to you.

2. Submit a ticket under the Hosting Department.

3. Fill the form with all the necessary details and click Submit Button. Hosting Department will specify the FTP account where you can download the files. Once received, extract the files to a specific location.

II. Download Connected Business Installer

The system requires you to install at least MS SQL Server 2008 R2 or SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server Management Studio. If you don't have SQL server installed in your workstation, select the second option in the Installation wizard to install SQL express.

III. Install the Connected Business Components

IV. Restore Database in your Server or Local Station

Restoration is almost the same as doing a backup. Instead of selecting back-up, select Restore

V. Configure Connected Business

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