How to Connect to the Hosted Database using Webservices

How to Connect to the Hosted Database using Webservices

Webservices URL  will be given by the Hosting Department

Install the Connected Business Client application.

  1. Sign in to

  2. In the left side panel, go to Support > Downloads

  3. In the Downloads section, Select or search the edition/version you need to install

  4. Click the Download link to begin downloading the installer.

Install the Connected Business Desktop 21
(For previous version, Connected Business Components – Client Only)

The system requires you to install at least MS SQL Server 2008 R2 or SQL Server Express 2012 and SQL Server Management Studio. If you don't have SQL express installed in your work station, select the second option in the Installation wizard to install SQL express.

After Installation of Connected Business Client Application

  1. Open the application. Click on Change > Configure to load the Configuration Tool

  2. The Connected Business Configuration Toolwill pop up and click on the New button to create a new Company Setup

  3. Update the Configuration Tool Settings
    a. Change the Company Setup Name to MyCompanyName
    b. Change the Connection, click on the drop-down and select Use Internet Connection Only
    c. Enter the Web service URL (provided to you) in the Business Service URLsection. Click Test.  ‘Connection Succeeded!’ should prompt after

  4. Configure the Cache Database connection. Click on ‘’ on the Cache Database connection.

  5. The database connection form will show. Enter your Local machine SQL Express Server name (machineName\SQLExpress)or SQL Instance name. Windows Authentication should work since this is your local Server

Click on Test Connection and once succeeded, click OK


  1. Click on the "Save and Close" button to save the company settings.

  2. Select your Company Setup.

  3. Enter your User name and password to log in the application

  4. Cache Manager will be displayed and will start the caching process.

Applicable Versions

Connected Business 14 and higher versions


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