How to customize the column width or how to expand the column Icon-Micro-Medium-Large-Etc




1. From System Manager > User Role > Choose Administrator.

2. From the Selected module, select Inventory.

3. When the User Role form shows> Select Find Item under Item Module

4. Go to Web Option tab > Select Image tab

5. Right-click any Column on the Image tab to show the column 'Customization.'

6. Adjust the Column Width then Click the 'Customization' close button.

7. Click Yes to save the customized column

8. Click Close button on Find Item Form > Find Item Form Closed 

9. On the User Role Form, click Save and Close to update your Changes 

10. Sign Out and Sign In Again

11. Go to Inventory >  Find Item Form > Web Option > click Images tab. Then, check the changes.


Applicable Products:

All Connected Business 13 Versions and higher


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