How to import webstore Images without opening each of the Inventory items in the Inventory Module?


  1. Go to the System Manager Module > Tools > Manage Data Dictionary under the Tools menu. The Data Dictionary form will display.
  2. The Database Objects List lists all tables, views, and stored procedures (from your existing system views and tables as well as custom views and tables created in the data dictionary).
  3. Modify the InventoryOverrideImage table properties, To modify existing table properties, select the table in the Data Dictionary Objects List. The tables are listed in alphabetical order. You can search for tables in the list by typing in the first few letters of the table name from the System Table folder. In the Properties pane, modify properties of the selected table.
  4. Change the value for the Importable to true by clicking on the dropdown and select true


5. Save and Close the data dictionary to save changes. 

6. Select Import Wizard. Click on Create Template > Excel Compatible > Custom > InventoryOverrideImage. The Import Wizard Spreadsheet will come up.


7. Use the template for Importing Item web Images. See the appropriate value below.



Make sure those images are copied in the Large, Medium, Icon, and Micro in your website folder ex. Web\images\product.

8. Proceed to the import once you are done entering your data in the template, select import wizard again. Browse to the file location and select InventoryOverrideImage as the destination table.


Applicable Products

Interprise Suite 5.6.20 and higher versions.

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