Instead of typing in the records and data manually, the import routine allows you to enter data directly from Excel files.



1. Go to System Manager module > Tools > Double-click on Import Wizard. The Import Wizard form will show. Click on Next to continue.

2. In Table Source, select the table you want your data to be imported. For example., if you are importing the Customer list, select the table name, Customer.

3. In Source file, click Create Template to download a sample template

4. You may use the Import Template spreadsheets from the Import Wizard as the import source itself. Remove the notes and fill in the columns. You may refer to the File Structure and Notes spreadsheets for these notes. Note that the column positions do not need to be the same, only the labels for the column header. Also, each column does not be present in the import source file.


Make sure that you set up all the Class Templates before importing. It is recommended to test the import files into the demo databases before importing it into your actual company database. If you have to amend some information in the import spreadsheets, it would be easier to modify as it will be difficult to remove the data when they are imported in your live database..


Applicable Products:

Interprise Suite Full Product

Interprise Suite Small Business (IBE)

Interprise Suite Small Business Ecommerce (ISBE)


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