Together with its capability of accommodating businesses of varied language and culture, Interprise Suite eCommerce is very much capable of transacting businesses to these according to their specific currencies. This may even be capable of accommodating more than one currency in the store. To enable this feature in the store, follow these:



1. Go to the System Manager module. In this, double click the Multi-Currency option under the Maintain > Company folder.

2. This action opens the Multi-Currency window. Double click on the currency that you want to set. It will bring you to this currency’s configuration window where you enter its necessary settings.

3. To activate this currency to be used in your eBusiness suite, click on the Active checkbox provided.

4. Upon supplying all the required configurations for this currency, click the Save and Close button to enter these updates in the database.

FYI: By default, US Dollar, or USD, is set as this application’s Home Currency. If this doesn’t suit your needs, the only way to have this changed is for you to create a new company entity.

5. Next, open the Selling Currency window by clicking its option under the Utilities > Setup folder of the Inventory module.

6. In this, enable the newly activated currency to set as one of the selling currencies to use in the store by ticking its checkbox under the Include column.

7. Click the Save and Close button to enter these changes. This sets the currencies that the store can recognize in its transactions.


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