Could Not Send Any Transactions Error "Please setup your email first" Even the User Account Has Email setup


Open any Transactions like Invoice, PO etc... and click on the print menu and select "print dialog". Choose email/fax" in the destination and hit "Print". It will prompt a message:

"Please setup your email first."



1. Interprise Email Service Manager should be running

2. Email account should be set up in the CRM Module.

3. Download the attach file and back up your database.

Procedure in how to backup database in SQL management Studio

4. Run the attach script "dbo.ReadReportByForm.sql" and "PurchaseOrderEmailBody.sql"

Steps in Running Script in SQL management Studio

5. Open your IS installation folder, backup the original file and copy and paste the attach dll "Interprise.Presentation.ReportCenter.dll" overwriting the existing one.

Note: the dll "Interprise.Presentation.ReportCenter.dll" needs to be applied in each work station that has IS installed.


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