Procedure 1 - How to know the Report View

1. Go to Report Dashboard 
2. Highlight the report name. For example, Order Acknowledgement and open the Report Designer.
3. Click the Fields Panel. Then, you will see the report name under m_DataSet: CustomerSalesOrderFormReportView for Order Acknowledgement

Procedure 2 - How to look for view and create a custom view based on a system view

1. Go to System Manager > Data Dictionary > System View and look for the view that you had found on Procedure (CustomerSalesOrderFormReportView for Order Acknowledgement).
2. Copy the View.
3. Click Add View and paste the copied view to create a custom view.
4. Save the custom view with your preferred name.

Procedure 3 - How to add 'Notes' field

1. To add Notes field in a custom view, just put Notes in the list of fields as is shown below

SELECT 0 as Value,                
  ''  AS PaymentMethod,                
  '' as Reference,                
  --c.TaxRate as TaxRate1,                
  a.TaxRate as TaxValue,             
  (a.SubTotalRate + a.FreightRate) as NetValue,                 
FROM (SELECT TOP 100 PERCENT                   


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