Deleting the Company Logo in one of the Interprise Suite Report using the Report Designer will prompt this error:

Check binding of fields! After adding the correct fields save the report.Additional Information: Column 'CompanyLogo' does not belong to table Data.

Cause: The company logo field is required in any Interprise Suite Report and deleting the field will cause the report not to work.


  1. Open the Report Designer > Specific Module > Dashboard > Look and highlight the Report > Click on Report Designer.
  2. In the Report Designer, click on Fields on the upper left side of the form. Drag the Company Logo report in the designer. eg. Order Picking Report


3. Select the Company Logo field. Click on Properties located in the upper right side corner on the form.

4. Look for Visible option and set to False. Setting the Visible option to False will make the field not to display in the report during printing.


5. Save and Close.


Applicable Products:

All Interprise Suite Versions

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