Assuming that you want to add the Notes field in the Sales Order report.

 1. Go to Customer Dashboard > Report 

 2. Select the Report name on the menu. Assuming you want to customize the Sales Order. Click Report Designer.

 3. In Report designer for Sales Order, go to File > Save as. This is to retain the original report. Enter the new report name. Then Save and close.

 4. Go to System Manager > User Role > Data Dictionary. Create Custom View to be used by the report

 5. Right-click the Custom View and select Add View if you want to add a new view.

 6. Name the view. Specify also the view or table or the script you want to use for the new view. You may copy the script under the CustomerSalesOrderReportFormView then relate or join it to InventoryStock table or you may create your own script.

7. Then, Save.

 Importance of List Type, Pull Down Table and Pull Down Column for Report Criteria.

8. Select the column you want to have a value for the In-List. Let’s say the SalesOrderCode. After you entered the value for List Type, Pull Down Table, and Pull Down Column, click Save. Then, close the Data Dictionary Form and proceed to Reports.

9. Go to Customer > Report Dashboard. Open the Report Designer of the new report then we save in steps no.4. Click the Change the Datasource button

10. Select the view we previously created in the Data Dictionary. Then, click OK.

11. Even though you change the data source of the report, you still need to rebind the fields because it uses the old one. Select the field you want to bind. Click Properties or F4 to show the Properties Box. Go to Databindings then change the binding using the custom view.

12. Previously, we enter values for List Type, Pull Down Table and Pull Down Column, now we will see if it works here in Reports’ Criteria Builder. Click the Criteria Builder button. Notice that the builder uses the old view. Right-click the grid, you will see the options to delete the criteria. In our case, we will use the Delete All. A Dialog box will appear asking you if you want to delete the selected item. Click Yes.

13. Now you can see that the criteria already use the custom view. Click Save to update the Sales Order Report.


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