How to Allow Manually Created Sales Order to Show in the Website


One of the features included in the Sales Order form is the Webstore Code. It allows you to view your Sales Order on your website.

1. Make sure to set up properly your Web Store

2. Go to Customer Module > Sales Order > Find Sales Order

3. Find and select the manually created Sales Order

4. Assign the Webstore Code on the Webstore field shown below

Assigning Webstore Code

5. Go to eCommerce > Select Webstore > on the Webstore Form,  Click Reset Web Cache

6. Log in to your website using the Customer Account with the manually created Sales Order

7. In the Account Page, click the hyperlink "Click here to view your order history" to view the Sales Order

Additional Note: If the Sales Order was already converted to Sales Invoice before you assign a Web Store, it will no longer show on the Order Status/History. 

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