How to Set Up One-Page Checkout

One-Page Checkout is a shopping cart design where the checkout process can be done in just one page.  After filling the Shopping Cart and clicking the Checkout button, this is where the setup is reflected.

The following procedures discuss how this is configured and implemented in the store.

  1. From the eCommerce module > SetupApplication Configuration > Type in OnePageCheckout 

  2. This will generate the entire One-Page Checkout related AppConfig Parameters for each of the defined web stores in the system. Just select the ones that are set for the web site you want to configure.

  3. Double- click on the parameters to set these to its particular value. Take note that for the One-Page Checkout feature to work in the store the parameter,  Checkout.UseOnePageCheckout should be set to True

    It is recommended that the AppConfig parameter Checkout.UseOnePageCheckout. UseFinalReviewPage is set to True even in a One-Page Checkout setup. This is to allow users to review their orders first before “charging” them.

    AppConfig Parameter Value Description
    Checkout.UseOnePageCheckout True Use single page checkout instead of normal multi-step checkout
    *Checkout.UseOnePageCheckout.UseFinalReviewPage True If using one-page checkout, and IF your order qualifies for one-page checkout, this flag indicates whether to take the user to the final "review order" page before submitting the transaction. If false, they submit the transaction right on the one-page checkout page.








Applicable Versions:

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