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Modify Session Expiration of the Admin Site

Spending more time in your admin site, you will notice that extended periods of time will trigger your session to expire. You can change the time needed to trigger session expiration from the Web.config file.

  1. From your computer, look for the Web.config file of your Connected Business eCommerce webstore in CBE\Web Folder
  2. Right-click on the web.config file and open with Notepad.
  3. The web.config properties will be displayed in the Notepad application. Press Ctrl+F and key in "timeout" as a search keyword to look for the timeout property of your webstore.
  4. You can modify the amount of time required for the timeout function to be triggered. The session expiration timeout property in the web.config file is expressed in minutes.


Applicable Versions:

Connected Business 13 and higher

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