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How To Upload Images Using Mini Admin Site

1. Type the admin site for your webstore site in the address bar of your browser. Use this format: http://localhost/virtualdirectory/admin

For example, if the assigned virtual directory of the webstore is ConnectedBusiness, the admin site URL will be: http://localhost/ConnectedBusiness/admin

2. Run the webstore admin URL to continue. 

3. Once in the login page, enter the following information in the username and password fields: 

  • Username: [name of the Connected Business user]
  • Password: [Connected Business password]

4. Click the login button

5. The Admin Site Home Page will be displayed. Go to the Item Menu > Item Images. This opens up to a page that lets you upload your images on your webstore

4. On Top of the Item Images, there is an option to Show Items Without Images, select the Category through the All dropdown and search for an item in the Search Field

5. In the right corner of each item, click the Upload button and then browse for the image file to upload.

6. Pagination below will let you go the next page for other item’s upload.

7. Once done with the upload, make sure to Reset Web Cache in the upper right corner of the page.

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