‘Credits Are Not Enabled REFID: XXXXXXX’ Displays When Processing A Credit Card Refund


‘Credits Are Not Enabled REFID: XXXXXXX’ displays in the Result box when tried to process a credit card refund.


The Interprise Gateway 2.0 in Connected Business enables processing of customer credit card refunds. To be able to use this feature, the blind functionality must be enabled in the merchant account. You need to contact Transnational to enable Blind Credit.

Before you can process a credit card or direct refund, you must set up the merchant account in the credit card gateway as well as set up the payment type to be used for the gateway.

To set up the merchant account, go to Banking > Setup > Credit Card Gateway, and the list of all credit card gateways will be displayed. Select. Interprise Gateway 2.0 to view the gateway details.

Enter the details for the following fields and save your changes.

Field Description
Merchant Login The merchant account used when logging in to Interprise Gateway v2.0.
Merchant Password The password used to access Interprise Gateway v2.0. Enter password by clicking on the ellipsis button.
Card Reader Port Select the available card reader port to which your card reader device will be connected. This is applicable to unencrypted card reader.
Is Encrypted If checked, the card reader is encrypted making it secure for scanning data information. Once selected, card reader port field will be disabled. Check if your card reader is unencrypted.
Allow Sale If checked, sales transactions will now be available using credit cards for processing payments.
Is Vault If checked, the merchant account will be used for credit card tokenization.















Set the payment type to be used for the gateway. To do this, go to Banking > Setup >Payment > Type and the Payment Type form will be displayed. Select Credit Card in the list to view the payment type details. Select the merchant login for Interprise Gateway v2.0 and save your changes.


Processing Direct Refund.

To process a direct refund using Interprise Gateway v2.0,

  1. Go to the Customer module> Receipt Customer Refund and a list of Bill To Customers will be displayed.
  2. Select a customer from the list to load the Refund form.
  3. Enter the amount to be credited in the Amount Paid field and make sure that the Payment Type is set to Credit Card.
  4. Enter the credit card details and click the Credit button to process the refund.

A confirmation message (Response Message: Success) will be displayed indicating that the refund was successfully processed. Aside from the confirmation message, you can also check if the refund went through from the virtual terminal of your merchant account in the gateway site.

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