Chart of accounts, accounting period, journal entries and other accounting related operations

Manage bank and bank accounts, process payments/receipts, reconciliation and other banking related operations

Manage billing and payment related transactions

Process pick Items, shipping transactions, manage stock and other warehouse related operations


Manage Leads, Prospects, Cases, and other related CRM functions

Manage customers, prospects, process orders and Invoices and other customer-related operations

Cute Live Support

Upgrade database, register license and postal code, fix database Item information and other related operations

Website / Shopping Cart

Setup, configure eshop connectors and other related process

Setups, issues and other processes related to hosted customers

Importing of Inventory Items, customers and other data

Installation of database, upgrade database and website, setup webservices and other setup

Knowledgebase related to our old system Interprise Suite, End of Life (EOL) Release

Manage Inventory Items, locations, stock counts and other Inventory process

Process Sales, Returns, Exchanges, Orders, Quotes, On Account payments and more

Modify Existing report, create new report and other report related setup

Software Development Kit

Carrier setup, shipping rates, configurations and other shipping-related operations

Manage suppliers, manage purchase orders, bills and other supplier related operations

Maintain setup information, user and security accounts and other system related process

Ted Business

Web Services

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