Instead of defaulting to the company’s home currency, the Default filter for all Business Intelligence Default Data has defaulted to USD.



Business Intelligence has its own currency implementation where you can find at the Format Field menu. The currency symbol is in $ sign because the static data, when Business Intelligence was created, were based on the US.



Make sure to backup your database before executing the script so you can restore it when needed.



Instruction on how to use the script:

  1. Load SQL Management Studio
  2. Run the following script
  3. Open it in a New Query window in SQL Management Studio
  4. Point to your database. To run the script, click Execute.

update SystemDashboardManagerFieldFormat
set CurrencySymbol = (select top 1 Symbol from SystemCurrency where IsHomeCurrency = 1)
where FormatType = 'Currency' and GetCurrencyFrom = 'Home Currency'


Applicable Product:

Connected Business 13 only

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